Selah Cohen's must-have E-Resource available in our store is the perfect comanion to her popular presentation, Your Business is S.H.O.W. Business!

Selah Cohen, The Vibrant Presenter

Would you like to connect to make your event a vibrant success? All the presentations below are perfect for students, churches, corporations, creative and speakers conferences,performers, speech and debate teams, retreats, women or men's speaker groups, youth speech events, non-profits, and more. Artistic direction for events also available - please see the Directing Page.

Selah Cohen's One Sheet


Selah Cohen Nearly Blind New Vision Promo Image.png

Nearly Blind to Vibrant Visionary: Identity, Purpose, and Vision for Focus

50-Minute Motivational Keynote Presentation

How can you, your team, company, or organization see through tunnel vision in this distracting information era to get perspective which informs purpose? See yourself in the story about how God used a devastating diagnosis to open my eyes to a wrong perception, reveal a new eternal perspective, then give me visionary focus. We walk through vital questions to help each attendee avoid distractions to their calling, discover the vision for their lives which leads to visionary focus and then to powerful results.


Selah Cohen Your Business is S.H.O.W. Business Promo Image.png

Your Business is S.H.O.W. Business!: Create a Vibrant Team Culture

50-Minute Motivational Keynote Presentation, Team Training, and Personal Coaching

Creative Meets Corporate! As an entrepreneur, executive, CEO, manager, director, or support staff, you can leverage what your business and show business share in common. Learn how to draw out each of your team member's creatively-charged performance potential for memorable and profitable results. This engaging, entertaining, and motivating program is a VIP pass on  how to unite your "performance" company team, strengthen unity, and bring perspective on best practices for each production phase to guarantee improved morale, standing ovations, and rave reviews! Also available as a faith-centered presentation with the Master Producer as Director.

More Presentations

Vibrant Creativity: Catapult Past Challenges

30-Minute Interactive Presentation, Breakout Session or Private Coaching

This participatory program will help you, your team, or your audience identify goals, find roadblocks, and catapult past challenges to success by leveraging the power of creativity. We will use brainstorming, art, improvisational exercises, and more to facilitate discussions, decisions, and direction. Get ready for energy, fun, and increased teamwork as we work toward your goals!


The Vibrant Treasure: Creatively Brilliant Presentations

30-Minute Presentation or Breakout Session 

How can you, your audience, or team delight listeners every time? How can you become a memorable communicator in business and life no matter who your listeners are? Which special offer must be made to them during each interaction and presentation? Jpin me as I open up the treasure box of no-fail techniques to add value to your relationships, brand, or presentations. This hghly engaging presentation may be combined with my keynote or any of the other group presentations or services.


Brilliant and Vibrant: Creative Etiquette, Image, and Presence

30-Minute Presentation, Breakout Session, or Private Coaching

In the highly competitive business world in which we need every advantage possible. You, your audience, your team, or organization learn how to go from just a number to first thought as a referral, choice for the contract, job, promotion, role, or standing ovation. In our highly competitive culture, participants take away how to stand out, be memorable, and get their ducks in a perfect kick line to make themselves and you look great. Each person will hear how they can level-up their image combined with personal presence as an extension of their or the company's brand to revolutionize how they engage with everyday clients, at events, or during special occasions. The audience will learn the basic dos and don'ts to keep in mind, enjoy engaging role-playing activities which enhance retention, and take away some keys to interpersonal success in this area. The audience will learn how to make professional etiquette their best tool for success, desired job placement, and improve professional interactions in various situations such as interviews and networking. 

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All of programs on these pages are available in person in or near Dallas Fort Worth, select areas in the U.S., and most are also available online anywhere in the world but may not be recorded. Each class, coaching or consulting session, presentation, and workshop cost will vary depending on location, number of hours desired for each, and number of participants. Most are available with Spanish interpretation. Additional classes breakout sessions, vocal performances, comedy, and monologues also available - please email me at or submit a contact form letting me know the date, location, and other details about your event. I will reply within two business days. Travel and lodging costs are paid for by the contracting party. Thank you and I look forward to connecting further about your needs.


Customized Coaching and Consulting

Creativity, professional communication, and presence coaching or consulting can be customized for each individual's or company's needs. You and I work together, using practical tips and techniques borrowed from theater including improvisation, role playing, and other non-intimidating methods to build your confidence. Please email with more details about your needs. Thank you and I am excited to help you with your goals.