Selah Cohen delivered a ‘vibrant’ presentation, emphasizing the VALUE that every team member contributes to an organization. We all learned new ways to create teamwork within the company.  Thank you!  

- Northwest Metroport Chamber of Commerce

Doctors told Selah Cohen she'd be legally blind by 30.

Several years later, she still sees and is living a miracle.

Her vision is to inspire people to live a vibrant life!

Image Above: Energized and inspired audience members of the Northwest Metroport

Chamber at the Texas Motor Speedway Club after Selah shared her message, Your Buisness

is S.H.O.W. Business: Create Vibrant Culture!



Selah Cohen, The Vibrant Presenter Intro Video

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The value you receive when we work together:

  • Audiences and clients learn takeaways on identity, unity, purpose, focus, and and vision - all infused with vibrant inspiration!!

  • Put the present back in your event, performance, or presentation. Give them an unexpected surprise - a vibrant experience!

  • Enjoy vibrant energy during events, coaching, presentations, projects, sessions, and conferences..

  • Experience how to leverage vibrant creativity to catapult you or your team past challenges.

I'm also a performance and presentation specialist with over 25 years of experience in the arts, education, and entertainment industries.  I work with performers, presenters, and producers who want to infuse vibrant energy into their events or presentations in English or Spanish. Together, we help you fulfill your creative vision for an event, yourself, or your team. Watch your own, your audience's or your team's morale, synergy, satisfaction, and success skyrocket!


Short Biography

Selah Cohen has gone from nearly blind to vibrant visionary, and is a presenter and presentation specialist who speaks on purpose, vibrant team culture, and how to overcome challenges creatively. Selah is an innovative and passionate multiple-discipline creative who draws on over 25 years of expertise in entertainment, fine arts, performance, and education. She is a passionate educator who infuses inspiration into performances, presentations, private or group coaching, consulting, and training. with approachable ease, efficiency, and encouragement for noticeable results. Selah is also a director, playwright, producer, and singer who is fluent in Mexican Spanish. She received training from Jason Hewlett, CSP CPAE Hall of Fame Speaker, is a past member of The National Speakers Association, and past member of the Women Speakers Association. Her design, directing, and production work has been viewed online in over 30 countries. She holds a BA in Child Development with an emphasis on education and theater, toured the U.S. for a national theatrical company, worked in film and television in California and Colorado, and traveled to Mexico and Spain as an interpreter and Dramatic Arts Ministry Director.Most recently, she was asked to direct a scene from Hidden, her original musical about Queen Esther, for Gateway Performing Arts' Night of Scenes 2018. (Please see Directing page for video reel.) She also produced, directed, and hosted Regather 2019, an online conference and Hidden performance for creatives of faith for her production ministry Sensory Bible Experiences and its artistic division, Living Arts Tabernacle.


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Spanish Introduction: Mucho gusto, soy Selah Cohen, Cultivadora de Brillantéz. Soy directora artistica, actriz, cantante, presentadora, y especialista en formacion de presentadores. Trabajo con presentadores y productores para infundir energía vibrante en sus eventos. Para más información en español, favor de comunicarse:

Commitment. Excellence. Integrity.

Experience presentations and training by a creative who is a passionate artistic director, coach, consultant, educator, and producer with broad experience in the arts, ministry, and event production. I've lived with huge challenges. Overcoming repeat roadblocks is essential as a leader, whether you run a large company or a small studio I would love for you to consider me your, your team's, and your audience's challenge conqueror, and creative brilliance cultivator. Many mentors drew brilliance out of me along the way, and now it's my turn to encourage my audiences and clients to realize their full creative potential. Together, we can work to identify, streamline, fine-tune, and activate your and their creative strengths. We can also help you or your company improve personal, stage, presence and speaking skills. My job is to inspire you and make sure you enjoy a delightful event, coaching, consulting, or speaking experience. Oh yes, and I am funny, engaging, and easy to work with. 


Program and Presentation Availability

All of programs on these pages are available in person in or near Dallas Fort Worth, select areas in the U.S., and most are also available online anywhere in the world but may not be recorded. Each class, coaching or consulting session, presentation, and workshop cost will vary depending on location, number of hours desired for each, and number of participants. Most are available with Spanish interpretation, an inspirational song or monologue performance if requested (additional charges will apply.) Travel and lodging costs are paid for by the contracting party.


Customized Coaching and Consulting

Creativity, communication, and presentation coaching or consulting can be customized for each individual's or company's needs. You and I work together, using practical tips and techniques borrowed from theater including improvisation, role playing, and other non-intimidating methods to build your confidence. Please go to the Coaching tab and then email with more details about your needs. Thank you.

For more information, please subscribe to our updates. Spanish<>English interpretation and voiceover services also available by special arrangement.